Bring your dream design to us and we will construct it on time, to budget and with the attention to detail for which we are renowned.

The Process

Step 1 - Consult

Artemis will meet with you to ensure you are satisfied with your existing plans. If any alterations are required, we can give you a quotation for the minor design works.

Step 2 - Council & Construction Plans

This step depends on the level of approval your plans have received. If you already have Design Approval and the plans are suitable for Building License, then we will use these plans, otherwise we will draw them for you.

Step 3 - Sign off

Once we have construction plans we can accurately price the whole project for you and provide a detailed scope of works and time-frame for the job. This will become the basis for the contract of works between you and Artemis.

Step 4 - Build

Having obtained all the relevant approvals, Artemis will commence site works on an agreed date and our project manager will be on hand to ensure the works progress smoothly.